The Gulf Coast Angel Network ("GCAN") was formed in 2010 and has had several organizational meetings. GCAN is screening new members and open to investment opportunities that meet our criteria.

GCAN is accepting additional sponsorship opportunities! If you are interested please contact us for details!


Welcome to the Gulf Coast Angel Network!

We are a network of accredited investors who are interested in investing in companies along the Gulf Coast and beyond who need capital for growth. We consider all types of high growth and high revenue potential businesses capable of delivering 3-10x in 3-7 years. We offer the possibility of significant capital and considerable expertise and contacts from our angels to help make your company a success.  If you qualify submit a complete one page business plan found under the "For Entrepreneurs" and the "I Am Ready for an Angel Investment" tabs. We offer angel investors the possibility of a studied due diligence process to generate considerable returns.
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